The Nursery is Complete so we decided to practice…

The Nursery is complete!  Unfortunately, we couldn’t take pictures of Bradford in the nursery yet so we dressed up his favorite stuffed animal Rufus and did some practicing.  Here are some of the shots:

Sleeping in the crib with RiRi's blanket and Grammy's Quilt

Gettin a diaper change

Let's Ride

Bouncer Action

The hooter hider

Burp it out

Our nightly Levitical law reading


the nursery part 1

the nursery part 2

As you can tell we are a little crazy around here and ready for our little man.

37 week update

No news at the 37 week doctor’s appointment.  Bradford is still measuring good, with a heart rate in the 140’s today.  Although I have been having more Braxton-Hicks contractions, I have not started dilating yet.  

We are almost done with the nursery, and I will post some more pictures soon of the completed room.  We did however, select an outfit to bring Bradford home from the hospital in:

I know this will be much cuter when he is actually in the outfit, but I still thought it was cute.  When I look at it, I can’t believe that he will be that small, but I also can’t believe that something that big is inside of me…it is a strange feeling.  

3 (or somewhere near there) more weeks to go!

A Dean Dog Christmas Letter

Dear Dog Friends,

Christmas is a great time to connect with friends and family but unfortunately for me my humans haven’t taken me to see any of you this year.  Therefore, I am writing this letter to say hello to each of you.

This has been a great year for me as I have upgraded from a small backyard to a pretty large yard.  The humans have started giving me more table food as well as letting me take naps in their bed.   Their bed is so much better than that stupid cage.  Here is a picture of me taking a quick nap in the bed.

This next year should be interesting as I plan on spending lots of time with each of my dog friends and making a real press to sleep every night in the bed.  

I would like to make a quick shout out to each of you personally

Baxter/Tiny Tim- We used to be neighbors and I miss running up and down the fence with you.

Old Man- I hope that you are nicer this year as I walk by your house

Aida- I look forward to your visit in the coming weeks.  We have only hung out once but I am sure we will be fast friends

Dante and Roscoe- Being your cousin is Awesome!!!  I hope to see you guys again soon!!


Max- You are my best friend in the whole world and my boyfriend.  

May the Love of Jesus be with your family this year,

Opal Dean Dog

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from Andy, Emily (Bradford), Opal Dean, and Winnie.  Winnie apologizes for not making the picture.  She is a little camera shy right now, because she has put on some weight this winter and felt embarrassed.  

We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!

36 week update and a visit from the Sheep lady

Today was a pretty quick appointment with no major news.  Bradford is progressing well in terms of growth, and we were told that all looks good.  His heart beat was in the 130’s, and he’s still moving around pretty good.  I have started having some Braxton-Hicks contractions, some painful but mostly not with no consistency to them.  I am not dilated at all yet…so we’ll see if anything changes next week!

To end the day, we had a wonderful visit with my friend, Moina (who’s real name is Christy.)  Since college, Moina and I have both had a fascination with sheep, not because of their attractive features or endearing nature but because of all of the references to us humans as sheep in the Bible.  For example, God tells us in John 10: 14-15: “I am the good shepherd; I know my sheep and my sheep know me— just as the Father knows me and I know the Father—and I lay down my life for the sheep.”  Moina and I have talked a lot about the analogy of us and sheep and Jesus as our shepherd a lot.  We have certainly learned a lot through comparing ourselves to sheep and realizing how important it is that we have a shepherd to guide us.

We have also added a lot of humor to the sheep fascination… Scene from college:  Moina and I driving somewhere down  Milledge avenue probably talking or singing or something in the car.  Moina abrubtly comes to a halt directly next to the random pasture of sheep near the Botanical Gardens.  She then proceeds to get us both out of the car posing by the sheep on the side of the road, as cars are driving by and takes a picture of us!  All of this explanation of sheep is to explain the background information that led to my excitement when she gave us the perfect gift last night for little Bradford’s room.

As you can see, this is one over-sized sheep.  Please pay attention to the proportions of the sheep, and how the legs and head clearly match the size of the body.  Apparently, this sheep lives in a land either with very big sheep, or very little houses.  I am excited about teaching Bradford about his status as a sheep, and about Jesus being his shepherd.  And now, thanks to Moina, I will have the visual reminder for him to go along with this important lesson from the Bible.

We love you Moina!  Please come back soon and visit, Opal Dean already misses you!



A Word from Opal Dean

Opal Dean here, just wanting to comment on the family blog about some interesting things that have been happening.  For whatever reason, the humans seem to be here a lot more these days, especially the woman.  She seems to be preparing for something, although what it is, I do not know.  There have been several occassions when I have seen her take everything out of the closets, and then put it all back.  This doesn’t make any sense.  Also, her stomach has gotten much larger.  I’m not sure what this is all about, but maybe it has something to do with that delicious food they eat at their table.

The man spent 2 days locked in a room that I am not allowed to enter.  When he came out, the room was a different color.  Why is the color of the walls important?  Also, they just filled it with lots of toys that look like chew toys to me.  I don’t understand why they keep telling me not to eat them.  This seems crazy!

They both keep talking about someone named Bradford.  I’m not sure who it is, and if it is a human or a different species of some sort.  All I know is that I hope it’s another dog I can play with.  But if it’s another human, that’s OK too.  It will be just one more person for me to lick and to share toys with.  

On a lighter note, with the woman home, I’ve gotten a lot more time inside.  This has allowed me time for reading, relaxing, and long walks with my humans.  Some days, it wears me out…


All right, trash guys just got here.  I got to go bark.  See ya!


A Happy Birthday Wish, Opal Dean Style

Follow this link for a birthday song.  Happy Birthday Laura and Jenny!  Congratulations on turning 25…you’re about 1/4 of the way to the end.  Hopefully, we will all make it to be centenarians and then we can sit together and make a social work video talking about old age and the importance of gerentology.  We love you guys!