Our Family:

We are officially making an appearance in the blogging world.  

To explain the name of our blog, let me start with a picture.  

This is a picture of a wonderful lady named Opal Dean.  We met Opal in Fairmont, West Virginia on a middle school mission trip and fell in love with her immediately.  To say the very least, she kept us laughing.  So, when we added a very cute member of our family in the summer of 2008:

We could think of no better or more appropriate name for her than one after an old lady, Ms. Opal Dean.  Since her arrival, we have been some of those crazy dog people who are way too obsessed with their pet.  Therefore, our blog is now named after our dog and also serves to honor the real Opal Dean, still living in West Virginia, as far as we know.  There have also been some updates to our family picture.  Winnie, the cat that has the cow pattern, is still with us.  Unfortunately, the other cat in the picture, Willie, has left us.  We refer to him as our prodigal son and are confident that he will return one day.  Also, we are expecting the newest member of our family, Bradford Lowry, mid-January.

We are excited about being bloggers and recording this exciting time in our lives!


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