Top Pregnancy Cravings


1. Eggs (which is really strange, considering my absolute hatred for eggs before this pregnancy began).

2. Chex Mix, any flavor, but especially the Honey Nut kind

3. Powerade slushies from Sonic

4. What Andy likes to call my milk coctail- which is simply milk with a little vanilla and a little sugar added

5. Anything chocolate, mainly dark chocolate

6. Any spicy foods, especially Thai food and Mexican

7. Boiled Peanuts

Emily, 35 weeks pregnant:


Andy’s Pregnancy Craving:

1. Reese’s blizzards from Dairy Queen

Andy, 35 weeks pregnant:

Opal Dean, 35 weeks pregnant:

Who’s belly is the biggest?


2 thoughts on “Top Pregnancy Cravings

  1. maybe it is just me…or a bad angle, but I think Emily has the smallest belly in this last photo.


    Andy, is that UGA flannel you are sporting? nice move.

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