35 Week Update

We went to the doctor today for a check-up and all checked out well.  Here are Bradford’s stats:

Heart rate: 140

Weight: right at 6 lbs (which we were told at the last appointment, he’s measuring in the 60th percentile).

Position: Head down

I start weekly visits now, and will go back next Monday.  The doctor asked us this morning if we had our bags packed for the hospital, which was the first time we’ve gotten this question.  For some reason, that made the reality sink in that we are getting closer and closer to his birth and that I really am not just going to be pregnant forever!!  

Thanks for everybody’s prayers and support.


2 thoughts on “35 Week Update

  1. LOL!
    Love the pics! And I’m with Andy on the cravings!

    Today in SF, there’s a huge chocolate shop and we splurged and got humongous sundaes – Dad’s hot fudge, mine peanut butter & hot fudge. Wish you all had some.

    Poor Opal Dean – she has no idea what she’s in for.

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