A Word from Opal Dean

Opal Dean here, just wanting to comment on the family blog about some interesting things that have been happening.  For whatever reason, the humans seem to be here a lot more these days, especially the woman.  She seems to be preparing for something, although what it is, I do not know.  There have been several occassions when I have seen her take everything out of the closets, and then put it all back.  This doesn’t make any sense.  Also, her stomach has gotten much larger.  I’m not sure what this is all about, but maybe it has something to do with that delicious food they eat at their table.

The man spent 2 days locked in a room that I am not allowed to enter.  When he came out, the room was a different color.  Why is the color of the walls important?  Also, they just filled it with lots of toys that look like chew toys to me.  I don’t understand why they keep telling me not to eat them.  This seems crazy!

They both keep talking about someone named Bradford.  I’m not sure who it is, and if it is a human or a different species of some sort.  All I know is that I hope it’s another dog I can play with.  But if it’s another human, that’s OK too.  It will be just one more person for me to lick and to share toys with.  

On a lighter note, with the woman home, I’ve gotten a lot more time inside.  This has allowed me time for reading, relaxing, and long walks with my humans.  Some days, it wears me out…


All right, trash guys just got here.  I got to go bark.  See ya!



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