37 week update

No news at the 37 week doctor’s appointment.  Bradford is still measuring good, with a heart rate in the 140’s today.  Although I have been having more Braxton-Hicks contractions, I have not started dilating yet.  

We are almost done with the nursery, and I will post some more pictures soon of the completed room.  We did however, select an outfit to bring Bradford home from the hospital in:

I know this will be much cuter when he is actually in the outfit, but I still thought it was cute.  When I look at it, I can’t believe that he will be that small, but I also can’t believe that something that big is inside of me…it is a strange feeling.  

3 (or somewhere near there) more weeks to go!


2 thoughts on “37 week update

  1. I miss you guys and the TreeHouse, and I do remember being the only ones there last year! Hope you guys are doing well…and good idea to talk about my Bradford Hix contractions.

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