Update on week 2

Bradford had his 2 week check-up today, and all looked good.  He weighed in at 9 lbs. 4 ounces and measured at 21 and 3/4 inches long.  This puts him in the 75th percentile in both weight and height.  Despite some difficulties with feedings, he is putting on weight and growing strong!  

As for my thoughts on week 2…As I sit here snuggling with the little man on the couch, I cannot believe that he’s only 2 weeks old!  It feels like we’ve had him home much longer than that.  Every day I either say out loud or think that I cannot believe he is ours.  I have enjoyed each day so far, and am soaking in the moments knowing he will not stay small for very long and sooner than we know will be out of this sweet newborn stage. We have spent the past week still recovering, resting a lot, and venturing out only a few times.  It has been so nice to have visitors and people bring us meals so that we don’t have to think about this.  Thanks to all our friends and family who have provided us with so much love and support.  

Each new day, I grow more in love with our little guy and feel so incredibly blessed to be his mom.  He still sleeps a lot throughout the day (and for some good stretches at night), so we do a lot of snuggling, relaxing, and of course, picture taking:

I love snuggling with my Riri


Great time with Bradford and friends!

Update on Sadie

Sadie’s surgery is complete, and we have the update that she is doing well.  Her parents are with her.  Please follow the link to Emily’s blog (below) for more updates.  We appreciate your prayers for sweet little Sadie!

Way to go Sadie! Your cousin Bradford is cheering you on for a quick recovery! We love you.


Our neice Sadie (Andy’s oldest sister’s fourth child) is having surgery to correct a cleft lip tomorrow morning at 7:30 am central time.  If you have a chance our family would covet your prayers for the surgery to go well, for Sadie to have a quick recovery, and for Emily’s (Andy’s sister is named Emily as well) three other little ones in the house.

You can follow Sadie’s process at Emily’s blog.

Update from Opal Dean


I thought it was about time I offer some of my opinions as to what has been going on around here.  I finally figured out who this Bradford is that everyone was talking about before.  I think my humans must have gotten him for me, but I can’t figure out what to do with him.  He doesn’t run or walk, and honestly, I’m really still not sure what he is.  He does share characteristics similar to my humans, more than those of my toys; however, he doesn’t seem to have yet learned English and makes a very loud and strange sound when he is upset and his face looks like this:

I don’t really like this, so I usually just leave the room when it happens.  The humans usually do some things to calm him down, then they can give him back to me to play with.  The good thing about having Bradford here is that I have had a lot of visitors to come see me lately.  I guess I’ve been really good because all of my grandparents have been here, and lots of friends.  They all are talking about Bradford when they ‘re, but I think they are really coming to see me.  Although he’s not a dog friend, I think that I’m going to like him because he seems like he likes to snuggle and so do I.  I just wish that Dad would let me snuggle on his lap too like the rest of the family:

My world may have changed with the addition of Bradford but I’m still doing good for all those who were wondering about me.  My humans still give me lots of attention and let me eat the occasional piece of cheese, which is about all it takes to keep me happy.  Plus, I think Bradford was a pretty cool gift that they got me.  I’ll just have to seek some advice from my dog friends as to what I’m supposed to do with him.

Me and Bradford

1 week Old

Bradford had his first pediatrician visit today, which went really well.  We were encouraged by his weight gain when we were told he measured today at 8 lbs. 3 ounces after being born at 7 lbs 5 ounces.  The boy eats like a little champ!  The report was positive and after getting his heel pricked daily in the NICU, he impressed us all at how he handled the heel prick today with very little reaction.  Here are a few cute pics:

My life is Exhausting!

My first walk with my parents and my dog.


Hanging out with Dad

Opal Dean: "I'm not sure what this think is, but I think I like him!"

All cozy and warm

Thoughts on Week 1

It’s really hard to believe that Bradford was born one week ago today.  I feel like we have been through the most intensely amazing week that I have ever experienced, and am still processing everything that has happened.  I have been a pretty absent from the blogging world over the past week, and have appreciated Andy updating with pictures and information.  However, I finally feel that I can sit down and begin to think and describe my thoughts on the past week.  For those of you who don’t like to read, just skip to the next post…there will be more pictures.

A lot of people have asked about the labor.  To save you the gross details, I will be brief.  I went into labor on my own (which was a big answer to prayer) on Tuesday morning at about 8 am.  I went ahead to my weekly doctor’s appointment that morning, and was sent to the hospital after they monitored my contractions and found they were 2-3 minutes apart consistently at that point.  My excitement level went through the roof as I got to text Andy that we were going to the hospital.  Upon arrival, I think it was a combination of excitement, anxiety, and being in pain from contractions that made me have to think really hard to answer simple questions such as “how old are you?” and “how tall are you?”  We were admitted to the hospital at about 12:30 pm and I got the epidural soon after.  The next 8 hours were so much fun, as we hung out with parents and friends in little to no pain.  

At about 8 pm, it came time to push the baby out.  This is where the story got a little scary.  We didn’t know, but Bradford was turned face up, making for a very difficult time getting him to come out.  After 2 hours of pushing, the use of a vacuum to pull him out, and talk of needing to get a c-section, Bradford decided to join the world at 9:53 pm.  The rush of emotion both Andy and I felt is pretty indescribable.  As we cried and hugged, and were assured our baby was OK, I knew that it was not completely OK.  Bradford came out very white and was clearly having a hard time breathing.  I was able to hold him for about 30 seconds, and he was wisked away to spend about 5 days in the NICU.

To say the least, those next 5 days were completely amazing, emotional, intense, exhausting, and joyful.  I can’t put words to how much I have loved becoming a mom and am so excited to hold my little boy.  We have been overwhelmed by all the support, prayers, and encouragement we have received from friends and family this week.  Bringing him home was so exciting (which Andy and I expressed by crying the entire way home and almost getting in a wreck in the parking lot because we couldn’t see or think straight.)  Since coming home, we have had so much fun learning how to be parents and spending time with people as they love on our boy.  I have so much more to say, but will stop there as I feel that is enough to read.  

Thank you everybody for cheering me on in the NICU, praying for my progress, and for all of you who held me this week!

We’re Home part 2

Having our little child at home has been wonderful!  He finally feels like our little child as we no longer have to ask permission from nurses to do things, show our id just to go see him, or tell someone how much pee was in his diaper.  Even better than that there aren’t 4.7 million cords, wires, and tubes attached and no annoying alarms when something comes loose.  It is just a couple crazy Nelson’s making up how the heck to parent a little baby (just the way God intended it).  Here are a few pictures from the homecoming:

Meeting his Grammy (Emily's Grandmother).

Brother, Sister bonding time!! Opal has done great with him so far.

Mommy has been beaming since the day she got home.

Daddy and Riri giving him his first bath

Rockin the faux hawk

four generations.


so fun

As you can see we are having a blast!!   Thanks Grammy and Aunt Reba for visiting us!!