38 week update

Our 38 week update:

Bradford’s heartbeat: 145

position: head down and feet still up in my lungs, so he hasn’t dropped down yet

Current weight: 7 lbs 10 ounces!  I was pretty surprised when we were told he is already this big.  It looks like we may have an 8 lb. baby if he makes it to 40 weeks.

I have been having a lot more contractions, but have not dilated at all yet.  We had our first real false alarm last night when my contractions started being pretty painful and coming anywhere from 3-7 minutes apart.  So, at 4 am, in a moment of being really tired and trying to decide what to do, Andy comments, “Here’s the plan: we’ll send the Pony Express to Emily Dowling to ask her what to do, then facebook Sarah Bruner, text message mom, twitter Susan Meadows, and e-mail Frank Lake (the doctor).  Then we’ll know what to do.”  This may have been a lot funnier to us because it was 4 am, but it made trying to laugh through contractions pretty fun.  

They did stop after a while, and I obviously did not go into labor so we went back to sleep after taking none of the above steps of communication.


4 thoughts on “38 week update

  1. You know, you may not feel like it now, but you are fortunate that he’s still in there gaining strength! Someone I know just delivered at 33 weeks!

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