Annual Couple War

We started a tradition a couple of years ago of spending New Year’s Eve with our friends from college, and last year this turned into a pretty serious competition.  The events this year were:

1. Bags/Cornhole

2. Egg Toss (this was the only repeat event from last year, and serves as the staple item for the competition).

3. Multiplication Times Table

4. The Newlywed Game

5. Archery on the Wii

6. Cranium cards

We had so much fun battling with our friends.  Here are some pictures to re-cap the night:

Michael and Ian in action.

The famous Egg toss.

Strange picture, but us kissing the winning egg.

The completed times tables.

Ashley working her skills in archery.

Our friends with Edelweiss, the guest dog.

The 6 of us, 2 dogs (Opal dean was a little distracted during the timer photo), and Bradford (still inside.)

Of course we were the champions and look forward to winning the Edelweiss Trophy again next year.  Happy New Year!


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