Doggy DayCare

Sometime about 2 weeks ago, my humans decided to do something very exciting in my world.  They invited several of my dog friends over to play with me and spend the night.  I’m not sure why this happened, but it has been the best time of my life.  However, something very sad happened today.  I found myself being the only one of my kind in this home.  I would like to send out a request that my friends come back soon!  

Edelweiss and Edith Anne, I had so much fun playing with you and snuggling.  Please do not stay gone for long.

Funny Edelweiss, remember that cold stuff outside.  Whatever that was, I wish we were still outside playing in it.

Sweet baby Edith.  You are my new friend and my humans tell me you may be coming over again once you learn that we dogs are supposed to go to the bathroom outside.  I know this is confusing, because the humans do something different, but you will learn soon.

Max, the woman caught us in the middle of a sweet kiss.  I am not embarrassed because I love you so much.  I have been waiting by the door every morning wanting you to come back.  I miss you.

Goodbye Edelweiss.  I was so sad when your humans came and picked you up today.  It was so much fun snuggling on the floor, playing non-stop, eating your food (which tastes better than mine), and watching you chase the light.  This is a strange thing you do, staring at the light on the wall, but I guess your type of breed likes this.  I will be sad until I see you again.

Love to all my friends,

Opal Dean


2 thoughts on “Doggy DayCare

  1. I LOVE this post!!! 🙂 hahaha… I laughed out loud reading this at work! (dangerous!) amazing. I love those pictures of the pups too! The one of Edith and Edelweiss snuggling is priceless!! I think I might need a copy of that… I’ll look back at it and laugh one day at how cute and little she was when she’s massive..

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