It’s time for birthday cake!

Dear Bradford

We are all ready for you to come out, so we would like to let you know that any time you feel like making the trip out here to the world, you will have lots of people very excited to see you.  I know that it has been quite cold out lately, but the snow has left and the ice has melted.  Plus, we have lots of clothes to keep you warm and extra blankets for you when you get cold.  Opal Dean will be your sister.  Her friends left us this week, so she is lonely.  She doesn’t really know who you are yet, but I am sure that the two of you will be best friends.  Winnie will also be your sister.  She is pretty anti-social so you may not even meet her for a while because she will probably be hiding under the bed.  There will be a lot of people around at first, but don’t be scared. They all are going to love you very much.  Me and your dad are anxiously awaiting your arrival.  We have all your little clothes washed, your room completed, our bags packed to head to the hospital when you decide to come, and we finished your birthday cake!  I know you won’t be eating this, but soon enough you will get to taste chocolate too.  Please come out soon!

We can’t wait to celebrate with family and friends soon!  


7 thoughts on “It’s time for birthday cake!

  1. Celebrating from afar and wishing I could eat some of that cake. Come to think of it, I think I’ll make myself a cake right now. love it. and love you little man!

  2. I am coming today to celebrate Bradford’s birthday! Does that mean I can get some of that cake…? j/k I am so excited to see you Bradford
    -Love & Kisses,
    Auntie Shamumu

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