Update and a Couple Pictures

The 2 BLN's

I love me som Riri

Look I am like Jordin Sparks "No air, no air"

Today has been pretty positive.  As of last night, we are off oxygen (major answer to prayer) and we think that feeding will start late tonight or tomorrow. He is in the intermediate care nursery now so we get to be way more hands on (diaper changes, temperature, his own clothes).  We are trying to keep a big picture perspective as we realize we are only 2 days into a lifetime.  Emily and I will leave the hospital tonight and then Bradford should come home with us Saturday or Sunday.  We are praying we can start feeding soon and that he will respond well to the food so we can speed the process along.  Thank you all for the love, support, phones calls, text messages, and visits.


5 thoughts on “Update and a Couple Pictures

  1. so sorry about all y’all have been though, but glad B is doing better and praying he can come home soon. Would like to bring you a meal when you feel like you need one. I will try to call one of y’all later.

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