We’re Home part 2

Having our little child at home has been wonderful!  He finally feels like our little child as we no longer have to ask permission from nurses to do things, show our id just to go see him, or tell someone how much pee was in his diaper.  Even better than that there aren’t 4.7 million cords, wires, and tubes attached and no annoying alarms when something comes loose.  It is just a couple crazy Nelson’s making up how the heck to parent a little baby (just the way God intended it).  Here are a few pictures from the homecoming:

Meeting his Grammy (Emily's Grandmother).

Brother, Sister bonding time!! Opal has done great with him so far.

Mommy has been beaming since the day she got home.

Daddy and Riri giving him his first bath

Rockin the faux hawk

four generations.


so fun

As you can see we are having a blast!!   Thanks Grammy and Aunt Reba for visiting us!!


3 thoughts on “We’re Home part 2

  1. I’m starting to tear up looking at these pictures. (Michael is not) We can’t wait to come back and visit with Bradford longer!

  2. I am looking at the pictures of little Bradford and thinking….wow, they made that! Such a small, beautiful little miracle! I can’t wait to come meet him in person.

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