Update from Opal Dean


I thought it was about time I offer some of my opinions as to what has been going on around here.  I finally figured out who this Bradford is that everyone was talking about before.  I think my humans must have gotten him for me, but I can’t figure out what to do with him.  He doesn’t run or walk, and honestly, I’m really still not sure what he is.  He does share characteristics similar to my humans, more than those of my toys; however, he doesn’t seem to have yet learned English and makes a very loud and strange sound when he is upset and his face looks like this:

I don’t really like this, so I usually just leave the room when it happens.  The humans usually do some things to calm him down, then they can give him back to me to play with.  The good thing about having Bradford here is that I have had a lot of visitors to come see me lately.  I guess I’ve been really good because all of my grandparents have been here, and lots of friends.  They all are talking about Bradford when they ‘re, but I think they are really coming to see me.  Although he’s not a dog friend, I think that I’m going to like him because he seems like he likes to snuggle and so do I.  I just wish that Dad would let me snuggle on his lap too like the rest of the family:

My world may have changed with the addition of Bradford but I’m still doing good for all those who were wondering about me.  My humans still give me lots of attention and let me eat the occasional piece of cheese, which is about all it takes to keep me happy.  Plus, I think Bradford was a pretty cool gift that they got me.  I’ll just have to seek some advice from my dog friends as to what I’m supposed to do with him.

Me and Bradford


2 thoughts on “Update from Opal Dean

  1. Yes, Opal Dean, we do love you and your new toy, Bradford. But remember, he is not a chew toy. Those are plastic. He is just for petting and loving. We’re glad to see you’re adapting.


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