Tomorrow marks 4 weeks since Bradford’s birth.  Andy and I have been asked a lot these past 4 weeks how we are adjusting to being parents, and I still think when I get asked this…wait, we are the parents?  He is our baby?  It still feels very surreal and crazy that we now have a child who will one day call us mom and dad.  However, to answer the question, the adjustment is going well.

There have been a lot of changes, and we are learning that we have a “new normal” around here.  We don’t get as much sleep, and are still slightly more emotional (ex… almost crying while watching a parenting scene in Cheaper by the Dozen 2), but we are loving all of it.  We have so much fun dressing Bradford in all kinds of outfits, taking tons of pictures, going on little outings with him, and showing him off because we think he is the cutest baby in the world.  For me, it is a big but good adjustment not working and being home all day.  For Andy, he is adjusting to balancing work and home and coming home to not only me and Opal Dean, but his little boy.  

I do feel like Bradford is changing every day and that each morning, he looks a little older.  I cherish these days when he is still so little and each time I find myself wishing him to the next stage of his little life, I have to remind myself not to speed through these days.  So, overall, I believe that the adjustment is going well.  It’s like something that we’ve never experienced, but has been really good to walk through together as a family.  We do think that he’s the cutest baby ever:


4 thoughts on “Adjusting

  1. Good of you not to wish him on to the next stage of life .. I always want mine to outgrow the “floppy” stage .. haha … glad you are adjusting well. You have seemed so natural about everything from the beginning and I envy your perky good attitude everytime we speak you never havea single baby complaint which is refreshing. Keep up the good work neighbor … and hurry up spring so we can go on walks and Bradford can come swing in the backyard!!:)

    • Thanks CJ. I agree with hurry up spring…I have been wanting to walk every day but this rain and cold will not go away! Soon you will have another floppy head baby and hopefully by then we can walk together !

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