Monthday’s and Snow Angels and Bears oh my!

One month birthdays are officially called monthdays.  That being said, it is Bradford’s first monthday today.  One month ago the little man made his grand entrance into the world and decided to make our lives much better.  After a rough first four days the next 27 have been wonderful.  No more NICU for us just a healthy, growing little boy.  Just to give you a feel he has gone from 7lbs 5 oz at birth to a serious 10+ lbs.  In case you dont believe me…

The fam day 2


Big Boy on his Monthday


It is crazy to think it has only been a month!!  Time flies when you wake up every four hours! 

In other news, it is snowing in Georgia.  It is blizzard-of-’93-esque out there.  So, for Bradford’s first snow we put him in his bear suit and took a couple of pictures.  

father son time

hanging with mom

Don't eat the yellow snow

Snow Angels

Just so you know this child was on the snow for no more than 5 seconds and was supervised by 2 adults the whole time.  

Happy Monthday Bradford!!!


5 thoughts on “Monthday’s and Snow Angels and Bears oh my!

  1. Happy Monthday, sweet Bradford!
    You look adorable in your bear suit. And you’re growing sooo much! Glad Mom and Dad are keeping you warm and introduced you to the snow. Before long, you’ll be sledding and wanting hot chocolate and needing bandaids. We’re missing the blizzard and all of you!
    Love, Riri & Pop

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