Dear Mom,

Hi mom, it is Opal Dean.  I would like to ask for you to come home as soon as possible.  I don’t think Dad is going to make it as all he seems to be eating is weird stuff from the freezer and snacks.  He also took me to Taco Bell yesterday and that food looked like my food ground up in some sort of bread.  The house is in shambles.  Dad never puts his dishes away (which I kinda like because I get to lick them), the bedroom has clothes all over the floor, and my bed (I know you think its your bed but you are wrong)  never gets made.  I don’t know how long a person can survive like this but it can’t be much longer.  Plus, I miss that tiny human that goes on walks with us and makes lots of fun noises for me.  Dad tells me you are in Oklahoma but I don’t know where that is.  Are there other dogs that I could play with there?  Please come home soon.  Love you!

Opal Dean


3 thoughts on “Dear Mom,

  1. Dear Opal Dean,

    Thank you for your kind request for me to come home. Yes, me and the tiny human are in Oklahoma, and sadly, there are no other dogs here for you to play with, only other tiny humans. I know that when Dad is alone, he tends to live a little differently. This is OK. The maximum capacity for this type of living is 1 week and fortunately, me and the tiny human will be home within this time frame. We will come home tomorrow and are very excited to see you and Dad (and only a little excited to see your sister, Winifred). Thank you for keeping Dad company. We should be able to go on a walk in 2 more days together.
    Love you too.

  2. This exchange is cracking me up!!

    Dear Opal Dean,
    If you need substitute tiny humans to go on walks with tell your dad to bring you down the street this afternoon and your aunt CJ will take you on a walk:)

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