Home Sweet Home

Bradford and I made it home last night at about 10 pm after our great adventure out to Oklahoma to visit all the cousins and sister-in-laws.  I will say, it is nice to be home, mainly because we got to see Andy!  It has always been hard being apart from him, but even harder now that we have a son together…who is changing by the second.  Bradford did great with all the travel and handled things like a little champ.  He cried for only about 5 minutes on our plane ride there and really not al all on the way home, which I know my fellow plane passengers were happy about.  I got a lot of “oh, he’s so cute!” rather than the “oh no, I’m stuck sitting by a screaming baby” comments.  He was so cute and sweet throughout the whole travel experience.

 I will say that the trip was incredible.  I feel so blessed to have such wonderful sister-in-laws and mother-in-law and to have the relationships with them that I do.  I am returning home very encouraged to be the best mom I can be to little Bradford after watching them parent.  I am so thankful to have them to look to for advice and wisdom during this time of “figuring it all out,” which I don’t think will really ever change because I’d be surprised if I ever feel like I have things figured out.  

I already miss the chaos of having all the cousins around and having so many sisters to talk to constantly.  I’ve been thanking God so much for the families he has given us and for the support we have in these relationships.  I cannot wait for next month when we get to all see each other again at Maggie’s wedding!!  There will be lots of pictures posted from the trip later when I get a chance to upload them all.


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