Picture Recap


Off we go for Bradford's first flight!

All the babies hanging out




Sweet Ella making Bradford smile

Hanging in our P.J.'s

3 car seats = 3 babies in the back of the rental car

4 adults and 7 children all made it to church


Reese and Bradford

Sweet girls

Check out that hair!

Happy 6 months Brooks and Reese!

I love to peel bananas

Ella with the babies

All 7 cousins. Left to right: Sadie, Jack, Ella, Reese, Brooks, Bo, Bradford

Bo and Bradford


3 thoughts on “Picture Recap

  1. I am now officially regretting that I did not download your pictures to my computer in addition to Sarah’s…you got some fabulous shots! Those shots of Ella and Bradford almost made me cry, she is reeeeeeally missing you guys and prays daily that you and Bradford will not forget to come to the wedding. So glad you were here!

    • I will upload my pictures to Snapfish when I get a chance so you can download the album…and I am sure I’m going to want your and Sarah’s pictures too! I miss all of you, and keep thinking about Bo every time I get a text! Ella was so sweet each morning when she’d come in to visit Bradford…I miss that! Can’t wait to see you all at the wedding.

  2. I LOVE seeing these pictures!!! You took some GREAT ones Em! 🙂 I am sooo glad you guys got to do this! How awesome and what a great blessing to have such a sweet family!!!

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