2 month Update

Bradford had his 2 month check-up today, and we were not surprised to hear that he is already 13 lbs!  He measured at the 80th percentile for weight, and 95th for his length (24 and 3/4 inches).  So, we are not worried about his growth at all around here, as Andy has been referring to him as “baby Shaq.”  There was one aspect of the visit that was not exciting though…he has been having a little issue with his belly button.  It’s hard to describe, but there is a little part that sticks out and stays kind of red and puffy.  The doctor has referred us to a pediatric surgeon, which sounds much more serious than I think the issue really is.  She didn’t seem very concerned, but did say that there is a possibility that there is a little cyst under the skin that blocks a tube of some sort.  If the surgeon says this is the case, he may need a procedure done to fix the problem.  We will go see the surgeon next week and find out what we need to do.  

Otherwise, he is doing fabulous and I think all the time that the time is flying by.  He’s a champion eater and sleeper, eating every 3 hours throughout the day and sleeping about 11 hours at night.  His smiles are more frequent and just melt our hearts.  So, overall things are going very well here at the Nelson house!


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