Weekend Take-aways (listed in the order learned)

1. Sunshine + Stroller + Bradford = One happy mom

2. Make sure that when you put cheese toast in the microwave for 30 seconds, that the timer actually reads 30 seconds and not 30 minutes.  30 minutes is way too long for cheese toast.

3. Double check to make sure you have a working smoke alarm, otherwise you might almost burn your house down making cheese toast (mentioned above), your house will fill with smoke, and will smell awfully of severely burnt toast all weekend.

4. Grandparents are a wonderful thing, especially when they live close 🙂

5. Lock-ins are better on paper than when actually lived through (this one comes from Andy).

6. If you want to get any sleep, it is not a good idea to let 2 large dogs sleep in the same room as you.

7. If you own a cat, make sure you kick her out of your room at night so you won’t wake up with her trying to lay on your face.

8. When 2 dogs (mentioned in # 6) are trying to play at 5 am and you put them in another room, make sure that your sewing supplies are put away.  Do not leave out a pin cushion containing approximately 30 sewing pins.  The dogs will eat this, and may also inhale the pins. (thankfully they are both OK)

9.  When baking, do not leave out ingredients such as corn starch and vanilla extract because you do not have them.  Your product will not taste as good.  Just wait, and bake your goods later.

10. 8 divided by 24 does not equal 3.  Lesson learned: do not try to do math after a lock-in, or a night’s sleep with 2 dogs.

11. Apparently with every child born, women lose 12% of brain functioning (according to something Andy heard).  After experiencing #’s 2,3,8,9, & 10 above, I will agree to this statement. 


5 thoughts on “Weekend Take-aways (listed in the order learned)

  1. this is awesome.

    And I would just like to add that I was hoping the percentage shared in #11 is higher if you have a multiples pregnancy. Can it be double? I think I have lost over 24%……

  2. This is hysterical …. I agree with the loss of brain function .. only 2 weeks after Annie was born was when I left bottles boiling on our stove for 6 hours and came back to a smoke filled house and a $10,000 insurance claim:( I also think that by having 3 kids under 2.5 years of age causes some kind of extra loss …

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