Belly Button Update

After a visit to the pediatric surgeon today, we were relieved to hear that Bradford’s belly button is just fine.  We just have to keep it really clean and dry, and she was confident that no procedure is necessary and that it will heal on it’s own.  Basically what happened is that a small piece did not fall off, and it was staying a little enflamed due to moisture.  No cyst, no surgery required…great news!

For other updates around here (from the last post), the kitchen no longer smells like burnt toast, although if you were to stick your face in our microwave, you may still be able to re-live the experience.  I would not suggest this.  Dogs are OK, and there have been no sign up eaten pins harming either of their stomachs.  It still is a mystery where the pins ended up, possibly scattered in our back yard?  I guess we should be careful walking around back there.  

All is well around here, and sweet Bradford is just so stinkin’ cute.  He recently discovered his tongue and loves it:


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