Happy Birthday Dad!

One of the most fun things about having Bradford has been watching my parents become grandparents, and seeing how much they love the little guy.  We asked a lot of friends and family to pray that my Dad would be able to be there when Bradford was born.  He was scheduled to be out of town 2 weeks in January, one of which was the week of my due date.  Thankfully, Bradford came at just the right time, and our prayers were answered.  All 4 grandparents were able to be there, which was really fun for us:


It was great being able to have Pop (Dad) there at the hospital to meet and hold Bradford with us:

And since we’ve been home, Pop has made it up to visit often.  Bradford has enjoyed the snuggle time, and is very blessed to have a Grandfather who cares so much about him.  The two can surely nap together:

Thanks for being such a great Grandfather to our little man.  Happy Birthday Dad!


One thought on “Happy Birthday Dad!

  1. Thanks Emily!! It was great to spend tme with you, Andy and Bradford this weekend. We are so proud of you, Andy and young Bradford.

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