When Opal Dean met Sophie

Today had to have been the prettiest spring day we have had yet, and I thought, what better way is there to enjoy it  it but to go on a walk with Opal Dean and Bradford.  So, here I go down the side walk pushing the stroller with one arm, leash in the other.  We’re all happy and smiling, especially Opal Dean who has the biggest smile on her face out of all participants in our afternoon stroll.  Then we hear, “Oh look at your dog.  Will she bite me?” from the small child across the street.  “Well, no, she won’t bite,” I reply.  Immediately, small child begins sprinting across the street at Opal.

Thinking about Bradford flying away in the stroller, I put him on lock-down with the brakes.  Opal proceeds to jump all over small child, and is about as tall as she is.  We’re laughing and playing and the experience is still fun.  Then, small child’s grandfather comes across the street with Sophie, who resembles this:


Well, Grandpa decides that Opal Dean and Sophie need to meet, and kindly tells me, “don’t worry about your dog jumping, Sophie loves big dogs.”  I’m not sure if he knew what was coming.  Opal Dean then decides to sprint in a circle around Grandpa, causing me to lose her leash and somehow transfer it into Grandpa’s hand.  Small child begins to scream as the Opal and Sophie begin to run in very fast circles around Grandpa as he attempts to turn in circles with them.  The picture is still making me laugh:  Imagine the game where an adult holds a small child by the arm and swings them in circles around their body very fast.  This was Grandpa: arms outstretched, 1 leash in each hand, spinning as fast as the dogs are running in circles around him.  All the while, cars are driving by watching this scene unfold.  I try to re-gain some control and think grabbing Opal’s leash will help.  In my attempt to do this, I’m pretty sure I grabbed Grandpa’s butt, somehow ended up holding onto his leg and spinning in a full circle while doing this, finally gathered Opal’s leash and we somehow did this all while still standing.  Small child stops screaming, Grandpa stands looking very dizzy, looks at me and says, “Well, it was nice to meet you,” then turns and they both walk away.  We unlock Bradford and continue on our walk, laughing the entire way home.  And that is what happened when Opal Dean met Sophie.


4 thoughts on “When Opal Dean met Sophie

  1. haha, that made me giggle at my desk… I’m always terrified of our dogs meeting little dogs like that because I’m afraid they will trample them in their excitement of meeting a live toy!
    what a funny story 🙂

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