The Wedding of Elizabeth and Scott Garren

Just a few of the 300 pictures taken:

Pop and Bradford hanging out before all the wedding festivities began


Bradford stealing a few moments with the Bride-to-Be


Guest bags for the hotel: One of the only sources of stress throughout the weekend!


Mom: "Elizabeth, have you thought about what you want for the program?" Elizabeth: "Program, Do I need a program?" Mom: "Yes, you need a program."


M & M's for the guests...and lots left over for the house...yum!


Bradford hanging with the 2 most important women of the day!


Dante and Rosco: "Can we come to the wedding to mom?"


Bridesmaids Lunch at Park Cafe: Blair, Elizabeth, and Hannah


New Family members: Mother-of-the-groom, Elizabeth, Aunt-of-the-groom


Cheers to Elizabeth and Scott


Bridesmaids from Raleigh


Bridesmaids gifts: A taste of New Orleans


The Excited Couple


The hard-working parents of the bride at the Rehearsal


Table arrangements by Andy! He stepped up huge to help, and we were so impressed to show up at the rehearsal dinner with every table set up and decorated to perfection!


Let the games begin! Scott and his best man (brother, Zach) heading up a game of Bags


My cousin's baby, Erik, enjoying himself in the fountain at the rehearsal dinner


Elizabeth with cousin, Misty


The big day is finally here! Getting her hair done, Starbuck's in hand


The beautiful Bride, hours away from becoming Mrs. Garren!


The Dress


Mom and daughter


Time to go get married!

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Garren

Celebrating 3 Years

Today Andy and I celebrate 3 years of marriage.  I woke up this morning so thankful for the past 3 years and all the experiences we have shared together.  We were talking last night about some of our favorite things about being married, and we both came to the same conclusion that we have just had so much fun being friends, laughing, hanging out, walking through ups and downs, and growing our little family.  I was looking back at some old pictures of us, and thought it was fun to see how each year has brought about changes:


Day 1 of being married: Taken at the Braves game May 27th, 2007. Just the 2 of us.

Our first Christmas together. 3 of us: Andy, Emily, + Winnie. We decided this year that we wanted a family picture by the Christmas tree every year so we could look back and see how our family had changed. Andy's rule: We can only stay at the same number of members or increase, no decreasing of members of the family.


Christmas 2008: Our second Christmas together. 5 of us: Andy and me, Winnie, Opal, and Willie.


Christmas 2010: 3rd Christmas together. 5 of us: Andy and me, Opal Dean, Winnie (not included in picture), and Bradford (in utero). We stuck to our rule here with the 5 members. Lost Willie, added Bradford.


Our family now (minus Winnie).

It’s been a fun 3 years!

Found my Thumb

Don’t know if you saw the previous post about Bradford’s thumb sucking attempts, but we spent some time watching and laughing as he searched for his thumb.  The process was mildly hilarious as typically he would start from attempting to fit his entire fist in his mouth, to then moving his thumb all around, to finally getting it in his mouth.  After several weeks of practice, he has gotten much better and now goes thumb to mouth immediately at the beginning stages of being tired.  Finding his thumb has been monumental in him going to sleep with ease, and it is also really cute to watch him curl up and suck his little thumb.

Bradford’s First Swim

The day today was a great one.  We haven’t had a good family day in a while with the craziness of May that has gone on. We spent it just hanging out together at home and then by taking Bradford for his first swim.  We, of course, (well I) was trying to snap a thousand pictures while we proudly danced him around in the pool, waiting for a reaction.  Bradford remained very consistently one emotion: entirely neutral.  He reacted neither happy or sad (except the moment that we dunked him, he did not like that very much) throughout the entire excursion.  We, on the other hand, had a blast.

Dressed for the experience


Proud Father-Son moment


1st moments in the pool and waiting for a reaction

Neutral Bradford

Swim time with Mom

Our Fam (minus Opal and Winnie)

Pool games with Dad: At this point, lots more fun for Dad than Bradford. Bradford: still neutral.

Bradford meets Rosco

Bradford’s first meeting with Rosco was quite successful.  Rosco is Opal Dean’s cousin, or one of my sister’s dogs.  He is kind of a scary looking creature, but is very lovable and extremely calm.  We had fun setting the two up for a photo shoot:

4 months Old

Bradford’s 4 month old stats:

Weight: 15 lbs 4 ounces (75th percentile)

Length: 26 inches (90th percentile)

His growth has been consistent from the beginning, and we are loving all the fun changes. Things he is going now: smiling and laughing all the time (especially when people talk to him and get right up in his face…I think he’s going to be a people person like his dad!), rolling over back to stomach and stomach to back, still sleeping great giving us 12 hours solid every night, showing a mild interest in toys (but still mainly much more interested in people), putting everything in his mouth, beginning to drool a lot, and sitting and standing with support.  He’s getting more and more interactive every day which is so fun!