Saying Goodbye

After a battle with cancer, we said goodbye to my grandfather, Dan Herron, yesterday.  Grandaddy was a wonderful man with a strong, strong faith in the Lord.  As a family, we are so sad to see him gone, but rejoice in the fact that he is in heaven and no longer in pain.  I love these pictures that we got of him with Bradford soon after he was born, and am so thankful that he was alive to meet his great-grandson.  I will never forget how every time Bradford made a sound, Grandaddy kept saying, “Just tell me all about it Bradford.  Tell me all about it.”

My last few moments with Grandaddy were really sweet.  I was able to go see him at the hospital last week, and spend a few moments with him alone.  We talked for a few minutes, and then spent some time praying together.  Grandaddy had just received some pretty serious anti-nausea medication, so was on his way to sleep, but said to me before he went out: “God is fully in control.  Such is life (a very common Grandaddy phrase).  It is up to us to do his will. Amen.”  And then he went to sleep.  Those were the last words I heard him say, and I will carry them with me always as I attempt to live out his will.  I admire his faith, and admire the way he praised God up until the very end.  

He left us with a lot of good memories.  We will miss you Grandaddy.


3 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye

  1. wow. absolutely beautiful. what a legacy to leave behind. so sorry for your loss, but so thankful for people like your grandfather. such a blessing to have someone like him in you life.

  2. So sorry Emily .. been praying for ya’ll this week … sounds like a great man … Bradford was very lucky to get to met him:)

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