Bradford’s Baptism

Last Sunday was a great day in the Nelson family.  Bradford got baptized.  We celebrated with family, and I couldn’t help but tear up as we stood in front of the congregation, and I look out to see 2 sets of grandparents, a great-grandmother, sister, and cousins, all there to celebrate with us.  The event was very special for us, and we praise God for our son.  I loved singing the doxology with our friends and family, and thinking about how much we have to truly praise God for. 

In the midst of rejoicing, we got the call that my Grandfather was not well.  Although so sad to hear that news, I felt in a way like we were experiencing the celebration of life and death all at the same time.  It seemed so appropriate to me that to conclude the service we sang  our favorite hymn, In Christ Alone.  What a reminder to me that our hope is truly found in Christ alone, through life and death.  Grandaddy showed me this through his life, and I pray that Bradford will learn this truth also at a young age.  

Here are some pictures to capture the event:

Getting dumped with water by Pastor Chuck


Bradford getting shown off to the church


Bradford and Great-Grammy

Is it time for me to eat yet?

4 generation photo

Riri and Bradford

Sure Bo, you can have dessert if you agree to be in a picture

Proud Dad matching with his son in blue stripes


Papa with all the kids: Bo, Jack, Bradford, Ella, and Sadie


Papa and Gigi with the kids. Bradford: "Enough of the pictures!"


Sweet girls, Sadie and Ella. It was so good to have them at our house.


Bo "kickin' it out" on the floor before the long car ride home.

Thanks to all our family for loving and supporting our little man.  It was so good to spend time with you all.


4 thoughts on “Bradford’s Baptism

  1. hey… i got a couple more pics of bradford’s baptism b/c i happened to be in a good spot and happened to have my camera on me! let me know if you want the pics and i’ll email them on over!! 🙂

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