Happy Mother’s Day and Birthday

Today, we have a lot to be thankful for and a lot to celebrate.  It is Mother’s Day, and we truly have some great Mom’s.  Soon after Bradford was born, my mother-in-law asked me, “Does having him and being a mom give you a new perspective on your mom and for the love she has for you?”  My immediate answer was, “well, yes.  I don’t think you can understand that kind of love a mom has for her child until you have one”  I have a fresh appreciation for her and for all that she did for me growing up.  I realize now that I have never properly thanked her, and I’m sure never will for being the wonderful mom that she has been to me.  So thank you mom.  And thank you to Suzanne for the amazing mom you have been to Andy and mother-in-law you have been to me.  

For all the times the both of you didn’t hear it: thank you for loving us so well when we were little and now that we’re big.  Thank you for every diaper changed, and for every middle of the night feeding you gave us.  Thank you for all the meals you cooked, and all the craft projects you did.  Thank you for letting us play sports, and for coming to all of our games/matches showing your support.  Thank you for every fear you comforted, and every hug you gave.  Thank you for all the times you worried about us and for keeping us safe.  Thank you for all the times you read to us and for every lesson taught.  Thank you for teaching us to grow up, and for being there for us every step of the way. Thank you for every sacrifice you made on our behalf.  Thank you for persevering for us when we were difficult to parent.  Thank you for every birthday party, for every vacation, for making every holiday special, for every penny spent on us, for every shower, and for your presence at every important event.  Thank you for letting us get married, and for giving us such a great example to follow as we started our own family.  Thank you for being there for us when we had Bradford, and for loving him.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.  (And this does not even begin to do justice to the amount of thanks you deserve.)

We are so thankful for our moms.  Bradford is very blessed to have such wonderful Grandmother’s, and Great-Grandmothers in his life.  Happy Mother’s Day.

Bradford with his Grandmothers (Riri and Gigi)

Riri giving Bradford a bottle in the NICU
Snuggling with Gigi and Papa at the hospital



Bradford's first meeting with Great-Grammy


Bradford meeting Great-Aunts and Great-Grandma Max (L to R: Grandma Max, Hannah with Brooks, Great-Aunt Brenda with Bradford, and Great-Aunt Terri with Reese)


Laughing with Great-Grandma Dotsie

Today, we also have 2 birthdays to celebrate.  Below is a picture of my Mom and her twin sister.  Growing up, Aunt Reba was like a 2nd Mom to me.  I have been told that when I was a baby, I called her mom when I stayed with her once.  I am blessed with not only a great mom, but her twin sister as well to be a part of our lives.  Happy Birthday Mom and Aunt Reba.

The Twins: Reba and Rita


Riri and Bradford in GA red!


Laughing with Aunt Reba

We love you all!







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