Bradford’s First Swim

The day today was a great one.  We haven’t had a good family day in a while with the craziness of May that has gone on. We spent it just hanging out together at home and then by taking Bradford for his first swim.  We, of course, (well I) was trying to snap a thousand pictures while we proudly danced him around in the pool, waiting for a reaction.  Bradford remained very consistently one emotion: entirely neutral.  He reacted neither happy or sad (except the moment that we dunked him, he did not like that very much) throughout the entire excursion.  We, on the other hand, had a blast.

Dressed for the experience


Proud Father-Son moment


1st moments in the pool and waiting for a reaction

Neutral Bradford

Swim time with Mom

Our Fam (minus Opal and Winnie)

Pool games with Dad: At this point, lots more fun for Dad than Bradford. Bradford: still neutral.


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