Venturing into the World of Solids

Bradford has rocked the same schedule now since he was about 5 weeks old: Eats around 7 am, 10am, 1 pm, 4pm, and 7 pm.  Then he sleeps bewtween 11.5 and 12 hours a night.  Let’s just say we have loved this schedule!  We went to his 4 month pediatrician appointment, and she suggested that we start him on 1 meal of solids a day.  She explained to me that once a baby doubles his birth weight, and is older than 4 months, that he is usually ready.  I left that appointment thinking, he’s not ready, he hasn’t shown any signs of being discontent with just nursing.  About 2 days later, he proved me wrong.  Bradford started waking up about 30 minutes earlier, then 1 hour earlier, then last week he was awake from about 4-5am just playing in his crib.  He was making it pretty clear that he was ready.  So, we ventured into the world of solids.  His first feeding was, we’ll say, hilarious.  He looked so confused about the entire thing.  I kept trying to think of how it would feel to have only had a liquid diet, and then all the sudden have a spoon put in your mouth with a substance/texture/taste that you have never experienced…it would be confusing.  He seemed to like it though by the end, and did not wake up early the next day.  So, here we go with a new change for him and us.

1st meal...yum!

1st bite

"What in the world is this?"

Not really sure what to think

Where are my solids Mom and Dad?

Warming up to the Idea, but still unsure

All done with my first meal


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