Doggy Daycare is Open and Running

Doggy Daycare is something we joke about, but has become a fun reality for us around here.  On most days, there are at least 2, but the maximum number we’ve reached is 4 dogs (plus the 2 neighbor dogs that run up and down the fence and bark at the 4).  Opal is loving life and wakes up every morning immediately wanting out in the yard to see her friends (who begin arriving around 7:45 am).  We laugh about how Opal never tries to run from us…she is not one of those dogs that sprints out the front door to run away.  She’s got such a great life.  We love our dog and her dog friends:

Bradford offering treats to the dogs. He's the boss of daycare around here.


3 out of 4

My attempt to get all 4 in a picture with Bradford. This was a difficult task with the 4 big dogs.

All 4: Left to right: Max, Edelweiss, Edith, and Opal Dean

The Boss


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