Hush Little Baby

I’ve been reading Beth Moore’s book, Feathers From my Nest, in which she shared the following take on the song “Hush Little Baby.”  She explains how she re-wrote the lyrics as she sang to her children and attempted to teach them about God as their Father.  I just loved this so thought I would share:

“Hush little baby, Daddy’s got a Word

No eye has seen, no ear has heard.

Dream sweet dreams, but you can’t dream this,

Plans your Weaver weaves for bliss.


Hush little baby, don’t you cry.

Daddy fixes all things by and by.

Cease your strivings, rest your eyes

You’re my joy and you’re my prize


Sleep little baby, I’ll stay awake

If skies should fall and mountains quake

You’ll be safe in Daddy’s arms,

Wrapped in blankets, robbed from harms.


Hush little baby, I will sing

While angels dance and ’round you ring.

If I should come before you wake

Your eyes will open to your Daddy’s face


So hush little baby, trust me now

Thrones and powers to me bow.

I tell oceans what to do

I think Daddy can take care of you.”


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