Florida here we come!

So about 2 months or so ago, Andy and I were driving along going down to Augusta for the day when Andy gets a phone call with a message saying, “Call me back, I have a plan that is going to change your life.”  The call was from a friend down in Florida that he has known for a while.  Curiously, Andy calls him back and finds out there is a job opening at a church called Spanish River, located in Boca Raton, Florida….first reaction…..Boca Raton, Fl?  No, there’s no way, it’s too far away.  We learned more about the job…next reaction…well, it’s definitely worth considering, but still feels too far.  Had a phone conversation/interview…..reaction…..Ok, we’ll fly down and check it out.  Fly down to check it out….all things look great, event though it’s far, we think we could make it work.  So, after a lot of prayer, talking it over, going back and forth, and more prayer, we decided that Andy would accept the job.

So, come beginning of August, we will be all packed, will get in the car and drive all the way down to South Florida where he will be starting as the new youth pastor at Spanish River Church.  To say how we are feeling about the move: we have both said a number of times that this was not an easy decision, but we feel it’s the right one.  We are excited, scared, looking forward to a new opportunity, really sad to leave friends and family here, anticipating all that is to come, and just honestly not knowing what to expect living in Florida.  This was never really a part of the plan, but God placed it on our path and made it pretty clear that this is the next step for us.  I guess you just never know when you could get a phone call that will actually change your life, but for us it came, and so here we go on down to Florida!


2 thoughts on “Florida here we come!

  1. As the official Nelson family Florida ambassadors, we (brunertown, that is) would like to welcome you with open arms.

    There is a reason all the old people move here after years and years of hard work……….

    We cannot wait to have you so close!!!

  2. ummm! how did i miss this!?!?! what!?! you’re leaving?? this is the most shocking thing ever!!!!!!!! next playdate, i need details. aww. stink. this is sad. 😦

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