Changing so Fast


The past two weeks have been a big time of change for us.  I feel like Bradford has become a different kid here lately.  He transitioned to 3 meals a day really quickly, gained a whole lot of personality, and is making the first moves towards becoming a mobile child.  It’s been really fun watching his little personality emerge.  He still loves people, but has become more hesitant, especially in large groups.  He definitely does not like loud or unfamiliar noises, and makes that known.  The dogs have recently gained his interest, and although I am yet to get any pictures of it (because I’m typically holding him, monitoring the situation), he know holds his arms out when the dogs come in, grabs for them, and smiles sometimes when they lick him.  He is very upfront about his feelings, and will let you know happy (squeals and huge smiles) or sad (loud screams and a bright red face) pretty much immediately when he feels them.  We are loving all the changes, and are enjoying watching him grow into more of a little person.  The following pictures hopefully can display some of the recent changes, as well as just how cute he is.

His signature move now. He pulls one leg up and tries to "launch" himself forward, or uses it to catipult himself into rolling over

Now how does this crawling thing work?

He's now started popping his lips and making this funny sound, then he cracks up laughing when we do it back to him. Priceless

Still loving my food, especially fruits.

Trying out my new sippy cup. Bradford got his first drink of water here, although he hasn't totally figured this out yet. He mainly likes to chew on the cup.


He's learned how to hold the cup, and smile for the camera.

The blur is because he is rocking back and forth, trying to figure out how to crawl! He has been doing this for a couple of days now, so we'll see when he can finally figure it out.


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