A little calm before the storm…

It’s amazing what one night away can do.  It has felt a little like a whirlwind around here with the summer youth group stuff going on, a looming cross country move, several out of town trips coming up in July, the beginning stages of packing going on, etc… We have felt very busy and slightly overwhelmed with what the next 3 months hold for us.   So, we took a night and headed up to our friend’s mountain cabin for the night, which was just wonderful.  It was just our family, no cell phone reception, no TV, computer, or any other distractions.  It felt so peaceful and calm to just enjoy long, un-interupted conversation, and to feel like it was a nice calm night before the craziness of the next few weeks hits.  Here are a few pictures of our trip:

The way we roll in the car. Opal Dean keeping Bradford entertained in the back.


Dinner. This may have been our messiest meal yet. Somehow sweet potatoes made it all over my face and arms, as well as Bradford's


Good Morning!


Being cute waiting for his breakfast.


Hanging with Dad in matching green


The fam (minus Winnie, she decided not to make the trip.)


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