Winifred Lowry Nelson

After 3 good years with our beloved cat, Winifred (Winnie), she has sadly decided to pack her bags and leave us.  We believe that she heard we were moving to Florida and she decided that the combination of the 11 hour car ride with Opal Dean and the hot weather once we got there would be too stressful for her.  She was slightly overweight, and the magnitude of fur on her body would not lead her to do well in the year-round heat.  So, sadly, she is gone.  We have had many good memories with Winnie, and only a few bad ones (she did pee on my parents carpet earlier in the year, which they had to replace so was still in a little trouble for that incident).  She was our first pet together, so it is sad to see her go.  She lived with us in 3 different houses, and was always up for a good snuggle as long as the dogs were not around.  We will miss her!

Winnie and Willie. Our 2 cats that both left us in the past year.
Our first Christmas when it was just the 3 of us.
Snuggling with Andy and Bradford.


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