Delray Beach: The Village by the Sea

This is the name of our new town…crazy!  We arrived Monday, after an interesting situation with movers named by us as Beard, Windpants, and Boy (Boy was 18 and was the step-son of 23 year-old Beard.)  We said many goodbyes, and in what now feels like a whirlwind, drove away from Gainesville, the chicken capital of the world, to the sunny state of Florida.  We’ve packed and unpacked a lot of boxes in the past month, and are glad to be settled somewhere although truly being settled will probably take a while.  It’s been a good week, and we’ll post pictures and provide more details later when we’re not so tired.


One thought on “Delray Beach: The Village by the Sea

  1. Glad to hear ya’ll made it and are ok … post some pics! Missin our neighbors already … Z and I took kids on a walk the other night and Mac pointed at your house and said “momma thats baffords house” so cute so sad …

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