Before we left…

Our last week in Gainesville was so bitter sweet.  We were excited about the new adventure and looking forward to experiencing what we had planned for the past 2 months.  However, the goodbyes were sad and the reality finally sunk in that we were actually leaving.  We talked a lot about what we would miss and top of the list for both of us were just the people and relationships that we have been so close to.  This move is really big for us, because we left family and friends and the state that we have never really ventured away from at all.  We said on our drive down that it feels crazy that we really just left all that we know and feel comfortable with to move to a place we virtually know nothing about and where we know no one.  It’s exciting, but scary too at the same time.  Therefore, the last week in Gainesville was filled with mixed emotions and here are just a few pictures of how we spent it…

Getting a picture of the B man in front of his street.
Packing and hanging out with Edelweis (Opal’s best friend)
Saying goodbye to our great friends from Athens…

Praying for our sweet friends and wishing that their little guy would go ahead and join us so we could meet him!

Andy with some of our best friends from high school who made the trip up to Athens. It was so fun to get to see them, and for them to meet Bradford

Saying goodbye to our Gainesville friends….sadly, i did not have my camera during most of these times but I did capture just a few pictures of Bradford with his friends, Ella and Scarlett.  It’s hard to believe that when we moved to Gainesville, Ella was just over a year old.  We were able to see Scarlett the day she was born, and be with this family for 3 years.  We will miss them!

Bradford, Scarlett, and Ella

There were a lot of other goodbyes and a strange feeling that accompanied them, as we realized our time was really coming to an end at Westminster Church.  It feels like we just ended a small era together.  I know in the big picture, 3 years is not a long time.  But in those 3 years we spent in Gainesville, a lot of life happened for us…we became established as a married couple, we both worked our first real jobs, we made friends together, added 2 cats, added Opal Dean, lost both cats, and had Bradford.  We’re thankful for that time, but also anticipating all that this next place will hold for us.


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