The Ride down…

After a long day waiting for the movers to get to our house, we eventually got on the road on Sunday.  Looking back, the scene now seems somewhat humorous.  Andy and I had originally thought the movers were coming Saturday, and so had planned accordingly to stay with friends Sat. night and head out after church Sunday with hopes and dreams of making it to Orlando.  When mover #1, named Windpants, walked up our driveway at 3:15 pm Sunday afternoon, we realized our plans may not unfold how we had imagined.  First thing Windpants says to me is, “So when is your delivery date?”  My response: “Tomorrow (Monday), as we were told it would be (and made sure it would be multiple times with the sales lady).”  Windpants response: “Oh, well there’s no way we will be there Monday.  That’s impossible, it will have to be Tuesday.”  First lesson learned:  Moving companies give a 48 hour window that we did not know about for pick-up and delivery.  Despite any plans you make with them, they may or may not follow through with them.

Our goal was to leave by 5 pm at the very latest.  However, after the movers finally left at 7 pm, we headed out.  The best part about this situation was that I got an unexpected visit with the Dowlings, Nelsons, and kids.  It was so good to see them one last time before heading out of town.

So instead of Orlando, we made it to Dublin and had so much fun spending the night with Maggie and Justin.  Monday morning, we hit the road, fully trusting that the movers would arrive with all of our belongings sometime around 8 pm.  They did, in fact, arrive.  However, along the way we learned that they had actually charged us twice on our deposit.  After some incredibly frustrating phone conversations with Windpants, Windpants’ boss, and the bank, we got our stuff.  At one point during the move, Windpants and the crew were ordered to stop unloading the truck until we signed an agreement that we would not contest any payments.  We were also told that they keep no records of payments, so they have no idea of knowing how much we had been charged and would have to prove it to them through the bank.  It all got worked out, but lessons #2 and 3 learned:  Moving companies can be super helpful, but also can be really really frustrating to work with;  also, it would be wise to know exactly what you are being charged and keep your own record of it, since apparently some companies do not.

Despite frustrations, the ride down was pretty smooth.  We said a couple of times that our 2 children did wonderfully (no, we are not pregnant, but referring to Opal and Bradford.)  Here are a few shots:

The 2 kids.

Opal Dean looking like the noble dog she is.

Babe: "I just don't know if I trust Windpants, 23-year old Beard, and 18-year old step-son "Boy" with all of our belongings."

Bradford entertained himself by eating his foot. This doesn't make a lot of sense to me, but it worked for him.

The B man passed out in the closet while the movers unloaded the truck.


2 thoughts on “The Ride down…

  1. I love it! What a mess! I’m just so glad you guys got through it! And the pic of Bradford in the Pack-N-Play has me checking out your new tile floor! Good thing you guys were able to ride together, and good thing you guys packed a sense of humor!

    Lots of love…

  2. Hahahaha… ohhhh… I can only imagine the wonders involved in the adventures of windpants, beard, and boy… amazing. I miss you guys sooo much already, and I can not WAIT to hang out with you in 6 weeks!! 🙂 love you!

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