Brunertown comes to Delray

We had such a fun weekend when Brunertown decided to come visit us here in Delray.  Whenever you put 3 babies together, it is bound to be just so cute.  Bradford loved having cousins around to play with, Andy and I loved having Sarah and Stephen around to hang out with, and Opal Dean loved the additional food dropped on the ground by the twins for her to clean up.  It was a great weekend for all.  The photos taken were many and adorable.

An unplanned, impromptu photo shoot as all 3 babies, in diapers, climbed up to the table:

Good morning Reese and Bradford:

A  fun lunch out with everyone:

Opal Dean bonding with Brooks:

I felt like this photo captured the weekend well, because you can see the boys playing on the floor and Sarah on the ground taking what I’m sure are fantastic photos of the 2:

3 crawling babes and Reese warming up to Opal:

Attempt at a morning photo shoot:

This had to have been the highlight of the weekend for me with the kids.  I walked around the corner to find Brooks and Bradford, who discovered Opal’s water bowl.  After a few minutes of splashing around in it, Reese decided to join the boys in the fun.  The party ended when Brooks dumped the water out on the floor, and Bradford went belly first sliding through the water.  It was hilarious:

Bradford and Reese checking out the cookbooks, planning for the dinner competition (which will be the next post):

3 babes at the beach:

Reese waving goodbye to the boys as she heads off for her afternoon swim in the water:

Attempt to get the 3 babes in the boat:

Opal Dean’s favorite part of the weekend = cleaning up after the twins during and after mealtime.

Bradford joining the twins in a quick game before they headed out to Orlando.

There were many more pictures taken, so many moments of just pure fun, laughter, and joy.  For Andy and I, we so enjoyed having family with us for the weekend and kept saying afterward how nice it was just to have relationships that are so familiar, comfortable, and fun in the midst of trying to meet new people and being in the uncomfortable stage of living somewhere so new.  Thanks for visiting us Bruners!


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