Dinner Competition

Here’s how it went:  Boys vs. Girls.  Boys were in charge of appetizer and main course.  Girls were in charge of side items and dessert.  Each pair spent a little time planning, took a trip to the Boys Farmers Market, and a trip to Publix.  After the kids went to bed, the preparation began.  We had so much fun and so much food!  The final menu:

Appetizers: Tuna Pokey = a raw, sushi grade tuna flavored in a sesame Asian mix combined with a guacamole salsa.  App # 2 = Sauteed edamame flavored with some spicy combination that was to die for.

Main Course = Seasoned Flank steak with an Argentenian Chimichuri sauce

Side Items = Creamed spinach (which was by far a huge hit, thanks to Sarah), Bread topped with various spreads and some fresh parm. cheese, and a multi-colored pasta lightly seasoned with olive oil, garlic, a splash of lemon and also topped with parm. cheese.

Dessert = a delicious Pineapple upside-down cake served with a scoop of delicious vanilla ice cream, a dollop of whip cream, and a cherry on top

The preparation was crazy.  We used tons of dishes, utensils, counter space, etc.   Unfortunately, our dish washer was broken for the weekend so each of these dishes was washed by hand.  Opal Dean was loving assisting in the clean-up:

The table set for 4:

Tuna Pokey with Guac:

Our Bread side item:

Edamame and Flank Steak:

The dessert:

Final result: Girls win, mainly because the dessert was so delicious.  What a fun time!


5 thoughts on “Dinner Competition

    • Thanks CJ. We miss you guys too….there have been a lot of afternoons I wish I could just walk on down and say hi to you guys! Hope you and the kiddos are doing well

  1. so you can’t do a post like this and not give recipes!!! c’mon!! do share!! your smiling faces are so missed. bradford’s cheeks. emily’s kindness. andy’s humor! oh! do let us know if you come back for a visit!!!

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