How are we Adjusting to life in Florida?

We’ve been here a month now, so long enough for it to sink in that we no longer live in Georgia.  A lot have people have asked about our adjustment, so I decided to just do a blog post about it.  My answer, typically, is that we are doing pretty well.  Like any major change, it just takes time to process it all and to really adapt to being in an unfamiliar situation.  It takes time, too, for that unfamiliar situation to feel familiar, and for routines to feel normal again.

Andy is settling into the new job well, and feels like this is going to be a good place for him where he can really thrive in his gifts and talents, as well as grow as a leader.  We do love the church too, and are excited about new relationships, growth, being challenged, and the community that we are going to be a part of there.

We are beginning to meet people and form relationships, and have been encouraged by how many people we’ve met around our age and stage of life here.  It’s one thing to meet people though, and then another to go a step further and hang out with them a second time, then a third time, etc… We are still working towards and praying for some deeper friendships, which we know will come in time and through having shared experiences with these people.  We’ve loved being in a small group at the church and feel like God has blessed us with some community already.

People told us it was a different culture around here, and we’re starting to learn that a little bit.  We are surrounded by Haitian immigrants, a lot of Jews, and old people (that are either super kind or can be really mean, especially when it comes to parking spaces).  This is not a bad thing though, except for the fact that Opal Dean does not like Haitians (I promise we didn’t teach her this, and find it odd that she ferociously barks at them.)  Delray is also the largest recovery community in the nation, so we are also around a lot of people in drug and alcohol recovery.  It’s a cool place, just different.  The population feels diverse, which Andy and I both love and get excited about.

There are good and bad things about moving.  We feel like this is the right place for us now, and are enjoying the proximity to the beach, to family being in Orlando, the new job, church, etc… However, it is hard being so far from family in Atlanta, from the good, deep friendships we have in Georgia, and from where we still feel like our “home” is.  I know eventually this will feel like home, but we’re not quite there yet.  I’m learning that the answer to so many of life’s struggles and changes is “it just takes time.”  So, we are learning to enjoy the journey here, and be patient as we adjust.


3 thoughts on “How are we Adjusting to life in Florida?

  1. Happy to hear the update … praying for your adjustment and some deep friendships .. and you are right they will come through time and shared experiences ….on another note TOO funny about Opal!! That made me laugh … Bradford looks huge in your arms .. the boy is growin like mad …

    • Thanks CJ. We appreciate your prayers. And, yes, Bradford is growing like crazy he feels so big. He’s only 8 months old and wearing 12-18 month clothes! Crazy. We miss you guys and are excited to see you in a few weeks at Liz’s wedding.

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