8 months old

It feels like I blinked, and we have an 8 month old and not a newborn anymore.  I’m not sure when he stopped feeling like a little baby anymore, but he definitely doesn’t.  He’s full of personality, very active, and keeps us laughing every day.  He’s also a big boy, weighing in currently at 20 lbs. 6 ounces and wearing almost all 12-18 month clothes!  Here are a few pictures of his new favorite hobbies (most are of the back of his head…now that he’s moving so much, it’s become much harder to get a decent picture!).

Some of his favorite things to do:

Pull out all of the books on his book shelf:

Help organize the tupperware while I cook:

Stare at his reflection in the window:

Play with the blinds:

Play with Opal and stare out the window (I think he’s actually licking the glass in that last picture):


3 thoughts on “8 months old

  1. LOl. Dad and I LOVED the striped pants. I remember when you used to pull everything off the shelf and the changing table and once you learned to open dresser drawers,there went the clothes.
    Can’t wait to see him next week. And you, too!

    Love, Mom

  2. hahahah! these are great!!! beckham likes to get a lil’ taste of everything too… oh! and pull off all the magazines on the bookshelf. it’s a daily task. i know every day i get to put them back up. 🙂 miss ya’ll!!

  3. Love it, Em, love him, and love you! It really is AMAZING how big he’s gotten! Miss y’all lots, and looking forward to seeing you in only a few weeks!

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