The B Man

I’m not sure when the nickname started, but he has become “The B Man” around here. Andy also likes to refer to him as “The Mayor.”  This one started as “the mayor of squirmville,” because of the amount that he wiggles and moves around every time you try to hold him still.

So here are a few pictures of one of our favorite parts of the day, bath time.  The B man loves to play in the bath, and I would suggest these foam letters for $4 at Target if anyone is looking for an inexpensive bath toy.  They have provided us with a lot of entertainment around here. 


2 thoughts on “The B Man

  1. so fun:) some of our friends have those for their little girls and the couple competes on who can make the best sentence using the most letters possible during their showers. first time me and justin participated he took a 38 minute shower…. fun times:) miss yall!

  2. I LOVE your baby! (And I love you, too!) I just can’t believe how big he’s getting already! Is that what an 8 month old is like? Yikes! Love love love!

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