What a Great Weekend

There’s something about having family come visit when you just moved far away from them all that is really comforting and fun.  As Andy headed out on a men’s retreat for the weekend, my mom and sister came for a visit.  It was so much fun to have a girls weekend (plus Bradford)!  

We enjoyed hanging out on the beach, walking around downtown Delray, going to Spanish River Church, and just being together:

Bradford playing with Riri on the beach


Trying to prevent the B man from eating too much sand!


Just hanging on the beach loving the sand


B man and his Riri


Sisters and Bradford


Enjoying the beautiful Inter-coastal waterway


Please come back and see me soon!


We were sad to see them go, but glad to see Andy when he got back!  We enjoyed an afternoon at the park with Dad when he got home.  When I look at these pictures, it’s still hard for me to believe we live here in such a pretty area.  It truly is pretty being by the water, and being outside at a park has reached a new level of fun with Bradford being able to crawl around:

Eating Grass

What a great weekend!


3 thoughts on “What a Great Weekend

  1. LOVE it! Hmm… looking forward to when WE can come visit too! Let’s see… we’ll get Adria born… sleeping through the night… holidays past us… we’ll see what the weather’s like this Spring! Yay for friends at the beach! (Love you guys!)

  2. Such fun pics and a great recap post — I love it.

    Is it just me, or has Bradford GROWN UP since Labor Day? My goodness, he is getting so big so fast! cannot wait to see you guys again soon……

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