We have a healthy child…

This week started off great, with the B man just playing like normal, eating up tons of food, and just being hilarious like usual.  We took a turn when last week he came down a serious case of diarrhea (most of the time, it would not seem appropriate to discuss diarrhea, but he’s 8 months old…those of you who aren’t moms may not find this as interesting, so feel free to stop reading now.)  This situation led to a serious diaper rash, his first ever.  We felt so bad for the little guy and wanted it to clear up quickly.  Therefore, he spent some time bare bottomed cruising around the house:

I think for these pictures was the only time he spent on the rug.  We tried to keep him on the tile at all times in case he decided he needed to go again…which he did a few minutes later.  I was in the kitchen preparing something and I hear a loud “whoosh,” and walk over to see Bradford smiling, standing in a huge explosion of poop, while holding on to the table peeing all over the floor.  I have to say it was disgusting, but hilarious.  After a thorough bath, and a thorough cleaning of the floor, we decided to go with the loose diaper + diaper cream method of healing.  No more bare bottomed guy for now.

This was our first medical incident of the week.  Along with this, the next day he broke out in a rash all across his back, refused to eat for about 4 days, and took over 2 hours to go to sleep for 2 nights in a row.  We were convinced he had come down with an ear infection, and after a couple of calls to sister, Emily (who we are so thankful for), and some discussion, we decided to take him to his first “sick” visit at the doctor.  After dealing with some stress of not having insurance to cover doctors visits currently, and not having a pediatrician that we know here, we ended up at a quick care with Bradford smiling, laughing, and crawling around like nothing in the world was wrong in the waiting room.  The two women next to me looked at me and said, “So, is he the sick one?”  I laughed at this picture, realizing that he probably was not sick at all.  However, the part of me that worried and was envisioning getting on the plane Thursday with his ear drums rupturing was glad we were there.

Doctor’s diagnosis: teething, a slight heat rash on the back, and a little wax in his ear.  He is perfectly healthy, and after that doctor’s visit has shown absolutely no signs of being uncomfortable.  I’m still glad we went, and realize that just having the peace of mind that he’s ok made it worth every penny of paying for that visit.  So all that worry was good for us in a way…now we know that we have a healthy child and can rest assured in this.  I also made a friend in the waiting room, so overall there was some good that came from cleaning up all that poop!


3 thoughts on “We have a healthy child…

  1. Some day Bradford is going to kill you for all these pics and stories all over the internet about him….but until then, we are enjoying them!

  2. You are right Amanda…I know one day it will stop being OK to put poop stories and bare bottomed pictures up, but at 8 months it’s still cute! Hope you’re having a great week!

  3. Especially in that first pic I’m just amazed at how big he’s getting, and how much he looks like a little boy! (As opposed to a little baby!)

    Can’t wait to see you guys!

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