9 months old!

For some reason, 9 months seems like a big landmark to me.  I guess it just sounds closer to a year than any other age he’s been and it just feels like a big month.  9 months is fun, very entertaining, filled with joy, challenging at times, and overall really delightful.  The B man’s personality is in full bloom as a little entertainer who loves attention, talks all the time, is very active, and loves Opal Dean.  He is eating like a big boy now and pretty much will eat whatever I feed him (except he is beginning to be sort of picky with his vegetables, and clears them off his tray by feeding them to Opal.)  His mouth is full of teeth with 4 up top and 2 on the bottom, and he shows them off by smiling with his mouth as wide as it can go.

He also loves to put anything in reach in his mouth which makes for some necessary intervention at times.  We feel so blessed to have such a healthy and happy baby!  Here are just a couple pictures of the B man from our weekend retreat with the youth group.  We stayed at a campground that was by a beautiful lake.  Bradford spent the weekend flirting with the teenage girls and entertaining them all..it was pretty cute.


3 thoughts on “9 months old!

  1. Just getting caught up on some reading, and these pics are aorable!! Love it, love him, and love y’all! (From 8+ hrs away, still so thankful for you!!)

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