The B Man’s New Tricks

The B man has several new tricks, and we were able to capture them all on video…the first is a loud, very happy scream (which we eventually will probably need to work on when it is appropriate to use), a new mouth trick that consists of puffing up the cheeks and blowing with lips closed, and the third is the “bababa” with hand backwards to the mouth going outwards (which I’m wondering if he learned from cousin Brooks who does the same thing.)  He is just such a delight and keeps us laughing around here constantly.


2 thoughts on “The B Man’s New Tricks

  1. AH! This is so awesome! I loved every single second of this….

    If we could capture BOTH B-mans working the back-of-the-hand-over-mouth-wave, it would be too fabulous.

    Cannot wait to see you guys on Thursday…..

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