New Smyrna in Pictures (of the kids)


God's gift to us in the morning.

Thanks Aunt Sarah for the yummy chocolate chip pancakes!

Having so much fun playing with cousin, Brooks

Sweet Ella hanging out while Bo takes orders and calculates prices using the cash register


All 7 cousins playing in one room

The entertainment system that truly became a source of entertainment for the babies

Reese figuring out how to get through the "screened" door

Ready for a nap after all the playing with cousins

4 babies on the porch...adorable!

Fun with Uncle Andy

All ready for the beach photo shoot...thanks Brooks for letting me borrow your outfit.

1st attempt at the beach shot. We had a few unhappy campers

Are you going to eat it Brooks or do you want me to try?

Our final beach shot before we had to head home...a little more successful than the 1st!


One thought on “New Smyrna in Pictures (of the kids)

  1. oh my gosh! so fun. that picture of brooks and bradford standing at the recliner.. i laughed out loud. and that last pic of bford looks just like andy to me! ha.. Love these. wish we could have been there!!!

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