A few pictures from our trip…

Hanging with cousin Brooks at Bruner Thanksgiving:

Going for a walk to enjoy the cool weather and fall leaves:

Hanging out with buddy, Cade:

Enjoying playing the piano with Riri, high fiving with Great-Grammy, and making some telephone calls with Pop:

All the Nelson cousins:

Eating his 1st Thanksgiving meal, which he loved:

Despite dealing with a terrible stomach bug which swept the Nelson Thanksgiving, we still had a great time spending time with family and friends.  We spent a lot of time laughing, eating, and relaxing.  We are so thankful for our families, and for the relationships that we have with them.  Living far from family has truly made us cherish that time and we already look forward to the next time we are able to be with family!

Happy Thanksgiving

I know it’s a few days late, but Happy Thanksgiving!  We just got back from Atlanta where we had an eventful week and a good time visiting with family.  I didn’t take nearly as many pictures as i would have liked, but here is a family shot from Thanksgiving Day.  It was nice to see the leaves changing colors and feel some cooler temperatures.  I will update with some more pictures soon.

Happy 10 months B Man!

B man turns 10 months old today, which seems crazy because that means he is almost a year!  He is doing awesome, and here is just a little update on how and what he is doing:  He is currently slightly over 21 lbs, which puts him in the 60th weight percentile for his age (he’s decreased a little in percentile, but still is a very healthy and big size.)  I don’t remember the length, because we were at a new pediatrician’s office and my mind had a lot of questions which meant that there was not enough room in my brain for this piece of information to stick.  I do remember that he grew in length.

He currently eats about everything, which makes meals much easier because he just eats what we eat for the most part.  Some of his favorites are pasta, tomatoes, peanut butter and jelly, any type of fruit, sweet potatoes, black beans, and sand.  He has 7 teeth and another about to pop through.  He crawls everywhere, and has just begun standing on his own without holding on.  Current tricks are still the hand to the back of the mouth trick, clapping, making sounds “ba ba da da ma ma, and na na (although with no seemingly understanding or connection to what these mean.)  He is definitely the loudest kid in the nursery and his play groups, seems to love being the center of attention, and is a magnet for middle school girls and old ladies.  He loves banging on everything with his play mallet (including Opal), and making noise of any kind.  Here are a few recent pictures:

Bradford the Banker

Conversation at youth group tonight:

7th grade girl: “So, I was at school today and I was thinking about your son and his future.”

Me: “His future?  What do you mean?”

7th grade girl: “You know, what he will do with his future.  I think about the future a lot.”

Me: “Ok, well what is he going to do with his future then.  Please tell me what you think.”

7th grade girl: “I decided he will most likely be a banker.  He will be Bradford the Banker and he will probably be successful”

Me: “Well thank you for letting me know that.  It was nice of you to think about his future for him.  I will make sure to tell him when he can understand that you think he should become a banker.

7th grade girl: “That would be a good thing to tell him.”

Pumpkin Adventures

I’ve always loved holidays, and now that the B man has joined us, they are even more fun to me.  We get to come up with new traditions we want to create with him, and have fun with a reason to celebrate.  Every year since we’ve been married, Andy and I have gotten a pumpkin together and had a pumpkin carving night, roasted the seeds, and just enjoyed the smells/tastes/sentiment of this time.  It was fun to include the B man this year and add in a trip to a local pumpkin patch.  We enjoyed picking out a pumpkin (B man just tried to eat his the whole time):

The pumpkin carving experience was a blast, as B man felt the inside of a pumpkin for the first time (although he was more interested in trying to eat the seeds!) and Opal Dean even joined in:

B man got all cleaned up while Dad finished carving our pumpkin.  Typically, we create some sort of theme for the pumpkin that has to do with what is going on with our family (last year Andy carved a family portrait including all 3 of our animals at the time).  This year’s pumpkin consisted of a normal jack-o-lantern eyes/nose with a mouth representing B man’s number of teeth.  B man enjoyed continuing to eat pumpkin seeds, banging on the pumpkin, eating some pumpkin cheese toast….and by the end we had a finished product!